Dining Room

Active heart of skill and affection.

For traditional dishes or ethnic mixes supported by recent generation tools (microwave, grill pans etc.), there is no doubt that here is assessed the reputation of the “hostess”, even if the role might be delegated to maids.

Whether husbands or children, relatives or friends, regular guests or not… in the end everyone will form or confirm an opinion on the pleasantness of the hospitality.

And for cooking and getting help in the kitchen, it is important for the spaces to be beautifully and comfortably furnished: chairs, cupboards, plate racks, cupboards, tables and cabinets all together to reveal a functional heart in the shape of pleasing aesthetic forms.

The Perini family’s passion has always “dressed”, structures taken from the centuries-old Veneto repertoire, the heart and soul of the furniture sector, bringing these creations back and proposing them again.